zondag 16 maart 2014

SBS: Phone crash

Hi everyone...
I have the most wonderful idea for a banner up here, but now I need to find the time to make it ;)
But that doesn't stop me from writing my post today...
I had planned a nice post last Friday, only to have my phone (with all of my photos!) crash.
So I spent the day recovering all that I could, and luckily, I succeeded for everything. Although not everything is working yet, most is and we will catch up on last FOFriday's post next Friday... Doubling the fun! :D

Today I have a short Stash Busting Sunday post, that's not to bad on my part :)

The current score for March is:
Stash: 2 vs. Me: 8

And I have begun counting the yarn used for my ponies... I am over 450 grams already and I haven't counted all yet! :D

The two is my stash's score comes from this:
I came across it on a craft fair yesterday and I loved it! It makes me think of bees and honey, although I might turn it into a cat :) We will see.

That was all for this Sunday, hopefully I will see you back next week on either day I post ;)

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