vrijdag 28 maart 2014

FOF: Spring is here!

Hi everyone! Welcome to a lovely Friday! Spring is in the air, and by now I really dare to say it... With some minor interruptions we have had spring weather here for over two weeks now and it doesn't seem to end anytime soon! :D So I decided to make this post nice, spring-y and colorful! :)

I made some lovely daffodils!

These four are cheering up my house and they will probably be joined by more! These are such nice, quick projects! The design is from DenDennis, a male Dutch designer who makes the cutest stuff! The pattern is in English, so check it out!
I have already made four more, without eyes, but I haven't had the chance to photograph them all together...

Then I also finished my Easter Bunny:

Nicely posing with two of the little flowers! He is also cheering the house and I love them all.
This is a pattern from FreshStitches, actually for Halloween, but without it's ghost-costume, it works fantastic as a spring-y bunny.

Then, I did finish my Spyros, but I did not take pics yet. So we will keep them for next week...
I did take some other lovely pics of my colorful whale and Ravellenics Nelson, so we will enjoy them instead, as they fulfill our spring theme! :D

I hope you got to enjoy some spring weather also!
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