vrijdag 20 juni 2014

FOF: Dutch

Hi everyone! It is FOFriday and I have quite some nice things to show you!

Firstly I made a hat at the request of my superior at work. My mom is modeling:

Yes, it's a batman hat. I got the pattern at Etsy, but I don't seem to have the pattern/store name at hand. If you really want to know, shoot me a message (email or with a reply below).

Then I did some lovely Dutch crafting, which was nice to do while watching the hockey and soccer world championships.

These squares are of my own design, and will be shipped of to become part of a baby blanket for the son of a designer on Ravelry.
I could let them go alone, so I made this one to accompany it:

It is a rattle lion. You can find a linked pattern on this pattern page, but I heavily modified the lion to fit my needs.

I was under the impression I had done much more, but apparently not. I do have some nice stuff to show you that I got! Remember the swap I sent out, with the sushi? This is what I got in return:

A cat softie, a tape measure cat and two catnip filled mouses for the cats.

A project bag and some cat stitch markers.

And some yummy-yummy yarn and lucky star-paper!
There were some other little things also, but no proper pics of that. The cats love the plushies, as they are totally infested with catnip! I have to store everything (except the mouses of course) outside of their reach. Ever tried that with a cat? ;)
Well, I sure loved my package! Aimee, missworld, my back-up swap-partner sure did a great job!

I hope to see you all back soon!
Don't forget to visit Tami's Amis every now and then!

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