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SBS: My DIY yarn

I know, I know... It has been a long, long time. But I do intend to keep StashBusting Sunday pop up on my blog every now and then...
Now, we have a lot of catching up to do, so let's see what we've got...

First off, the numbers! I have been keeping track, just did not post here ;)

Stash vs. Me
January: 62 vs. 7 > shame on me!
February: 0 vs. 10 > still looking good! :)
March: 12 vs. 26 > that’s not bad, if you take into account that I went to a lovely woolly craft fair ;)
April: 2 vs. 15
May: 34 vs. 18 > had to buy yarn for a baby blanket; and I just started to catch up!
June: 2 vs. 10
Year-to-Day Total: 112 vs. 86

I was actually catching up, until May came along. But I hope to do a lot of Stash busting this summer, as I have plenty of crochet time on my hands.
My plans include lots of FreshStitches animals, with quite a few from Monster's Toy Box and Adrialys Designs also. Then later this year, I will start some serious investigation into what will go into setting up a little webshop, with all the legal stuff around it... :)

For myself I will be using quite a bit of yarn also, but I might be forced to buy some for my projects anyway. I will try to make some Heidi Bears animals, and they are made up of motives, lots of them.
So, a motive or two or three a day is the plan. But these are big animals, so no sure if I will be able to refrain from buying more yarn for those.

As you might have seen I have scored quite some points this month as well... But I think they those points are very much allowed... It is almost all hand-dyed DIY yarn! :D

This I got in a swap:
 It works up even prettier then it looks now. I made this little stitchmarker-holding-booklet out of it:

Yummy, right? Of the skein I will make at least an Amineko, I decided.
But you might be thinking... 'That yarn-cake in the back looks quite yummy as well...'

I must agree with you... It is my DIY-dyed yarn! The colors are way less bright then I hoped they would turn out, but overall the skein has be come such a yummy thing!

It is actually the second skein of yarn I ever dyed, for which I use Kool Aid. A little tricky to get here, but once you have it... :)
This was a 100 gram skein (2 points for me), and I had a second ordered as well, but I divided that one into two littler skeins of 50 grams (2 times 1 point for me). That way I could dye more colors!

No nice yarn cakes for these yet, as they are still hanging out to dry... I can't wait though!

I know Kool Aid-dyeing usually attracts a lot of attention, in particular to the dye-formulas used, so I thought I'd share them with you. Sunday's posts are all about yarn anyway!

This was the first yarn I ever dyed:

This was plain old Orange and I think Ice Blue Raspberry lemonade. This was dry dyed, so I did not pre-soak the yarn. This made it easy to have some white patches in it. I do have this caked, but no picture at hand ;)
And this actually already became something: a bear!

My second skein was named Candy Rainbow:

I used single packets here, just like above, of: Cherry - Orange - Lemonade - Lemon lime - Ice blue raspberry lemonade - Grape - Pink lemonade. Here I learned that the Cherry, Lemonade and Pink needed more to get a deep color and that graped needs to be mixed if you want real purple.

The third attempt was a great success, because of these lessons:

I used multiple packets here and see: bright pick and a deep pick. My formula was:
3x Lemonade - 2x Pink lemonade + 1x Strawberry - 1x Peach/mango + 1x Orange.
I totally adore this :) At least part of it will turn into a Ice Cream Cone.

The last skein was a failure that I saved with a second dye bath, both using mixed colors of all sorts, so no formula there ;)

I hope to dye more yarn in the future, but for now I have to think about my stash again. Maybe as a reward for beating my stash (at some point), I will be allowed to buy and dye more yarn?

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I don't know when I will be back with a new SBS, but I will keep it up!
I do know, that I won't be translating Sunday's post into Dutch anymore, unless I get specific requests to do so! So let me know if you desire that...
For now I will see you back next Wednesday, on WIPW!

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