woensdag 11 juni 2014

WIPW: Flowery Maddow

Hi everyone! It is time for WIPWednesday again... I have quite some things in the works, and almost all things are showable... If only I remembered to take pictures!!!

So, you will have to survive with just one project to show today...

Do you know the feeling: you are sitting down in the evening (crochet time!) and suddenly none of your current projects speak to you?! I had that last week, so I started something completely new!

This is the result of two days worth of improvisational crochet... I love this little square I came up with. I intend to make another 3 batches like the one pictured. Then I will probably be stitching it up to be a blanket. The only down side to that, is that I had nothing else on hand then some thin cotton.
So it is not warm, soft or cuddly... But I haven't found a project yet that screams to me: make me instead! Any ideas/suggestions are welcome...
Maybe I will back the blanket with some fleece in the end, that might just do the trick.

We will see how I get on, right?
I am working on a robot that is nearly finished, so I hope you will be back on Friday to come and have a look at that one!

Tami's Amis will provide us with more lovely projects to see :)

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