vrijdag 6 juni 2014

FOF: Swap

Hi everyone! It is FOFriday... And I get to show off everything that I wanted! :)
Of course the owls are finished... But get ready to be photo bombed by all the goodies in my swap package!

Let's start with the owls, shall we?

We have a Nelson...

And a Nel... Both from FreshStitches. The links can be found on their project page.

They are very cute together... But little Nellie did not want to be photographed any longer ;P

But that's alright... Because we will move on to my Swing into Spring Stash Swap Package :D
I have made 5 crocheted softies for the package and I did some extra crafty stuff with a little cross stitch. This was my package in total:

A lovely bunch, right? I am very pleased with it all, that's for sure!

The package was sent of with an accompanying story, in which these two went out to eat Sushi!

Big Sushi... Jumbo Sushi! I love these guys... And that I made up an excuse to make them :D

All patterns I have once again collected on their project page (I love that new feature of Raverly where you can incorporate multiple patterns on one page/project!). I must add the note, that I improvised on the Linx (yeah, it's supposed to represent a linx ;) ). I made up a snout, nose and his spots...

My buddy was very pleased with it all, which makes it even better for me. Now I just have to wait for the return package... Of course I will show it off ;)

For now, I don't have anything more to show. I will be back with a new blog post soon!
Visit Tami's Amis for more lovely stuff to see.

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