vrijdag 19 september 2014

FOF: Granny blanket!

Hi everyone! I am ready to show off my granny square blanket... Are you ready to see it?

Well, let's recap first: I had started with a mountain of granny squares:

Those had to be assemble and a edge needed to be added. Which I did:

And now it is finally truly finish... It took me only 54 weeks! ;)
I snipped off a mountain of little ends:

And I added a label...

 Isn't that just the awesomest thing? 0:) I love my new labels. They add a bit of love and pride to each project...

And then my blanket looked like this:

I love it all! :D
I am so proud. It is actually really weird, but this was something I needed to do to feel like I actually know how to crochet... Just a plain old, old-fashioned granny square blanket...
Awesome! And now I can work on another blanket, and another, and another, and ...

See you soon!

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