woensdag 10 september 2014

WIPW: Grannies!

Hi there! I have only one project to show you today... But I sooooo much like it! So I hope you enjoy it too.
This week I have restarted university and my estimate is that they didn't double the speed and amount of work, they just gave us ten times as much to do...
So I spent my evenings on an easy project that didn't pressure my brain too much. So I picked up an old one:

My granny square blanket...  (Really, old! Project page tells me I started August 28th of last year!) This was how it looked at the beginning of this year...

^ Me trying to decide how to piece everything together... And then it lay slumbering. I picked it up every now and then on evenings that I couldn't think, so needed brainless work...
Slowly, ever so slowly, it started becoming my first every real granny square project, my first real blanket.

Now I am on the edging! All squares are slipstitched together (wrong side) and I added a white border and some color... This morning I was on the purple, which is the last color.
Although not as big as intended originally (140x200, I wanted it to cover my bed...), it was satisfying enough. I can cuddle into it :)
By now I only have a single crochet and a crab stitched edge of white to do.

I happened to master the trick of reading and crocheting together. An essential skill when in university, I think (I have over 300 pages to read for next week, 200 for just one professor! :o).
So I intent to finish this this week. I might have to bring it over to my moms in order to get the last ends weaved in also (they are still on the back, from the attaching etc), but I hope you will see it back on Friday. Along with some other project that I already finished of course!
Hope to see you then.

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