woensdag 3 september 2014

WIPW: The first of more to come...

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? I haven't posted in quite a bit, since June 22nd to be exact, but it turns out that when I have not so much to do, I forget to do the things that I can do ;)
Blogging just works better when I'm in a normal day-to-day-rithm, like the one work and school provide.
But I have not stopped crocheting! So I have loads to show you, but decided not to go for one big catch up post... You will see all I made, but over the course of a few weeks. It's more fun that way!
Ready to see what I am up to this week?

This week I have several projects planned and in the works... And as planned things without actual work done don't count I have two projects live.

First is a custum order I have started early in the summer holidays:

It is a Lalaloopsy doll. She still needs her hair and face don and her shoes attached, but I have put that off a bit.

It so happens to be that I need to make a second one, and I will do the final touches when they are both ready for it.

The second thing I have around here has become a yearly repeating thing, so it seems... It was time again for:

The FreshStitches Mystery Crochet A-Long! Yeah! I always enjoy these very much!
So I am all in, although I will only be making two this year instead of the previous year's three and four.

I have these two lovely yarns, bought at a craft fair last year. I will be making all pieces (main color and contrasting color alike) in both colors, so I will end up with two opposite creatures.
I still have some crocheting to do for the first clue, so I better hurry up before the next clue comes in on Monday!

I hope you have had a wonderful craft summer holiday yourself! Now that we are back into rithm, you can expect another post from me on Friday, with some lovely Finished Objects (though probably not one of these). I hope to see you then.
Until then Tami's Amis still continues her work in collecting links, check it out!

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