woensdag 17 september 2014

WIPW: Mystery CAL

Hi everyone! A quick post today... Yes, I know I forgot FOFriday (which I regret, because I LOVE the blanket I made!) and today's quick post has the same reason: I think school has gone crazy!
I just can't keep up! But I needed these few minutes as a break for sure. So enjoy the tiny bit I have to show you!

I am currently only getting some work done on the Mystery CAL.
The third and final clue has now been released, but I resisted looking at the assembly, so I am still in the dark as to what I am crocheting...

These are my pieces so far. I am missing the F-pieces of the red color yet, and full D, F, H and I pieces of the purple. That is not too much crochet work, but I don't know how long it will take me to finish in the limited crochet time I have got.

I do hope to find the time to write a FO-post on Friday and certainly hope to see you back when I have.

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