vrijdag 26 september 2014

FOF: Mystery CAL

Hi everyone! My earlier weekdays just merged into one, so I totally forgot WIPWednesday. But I have plenty to make it up to you!

Let's first start with the end result of the mystery CAL! Yes, I have finished... And oh, it is a cutie!

They're little doggies! I love the simplicity of this design. Of course my colors are way of (that's the fun of  mCAL), so I made them even better with crazy eyes.
I expect to make more of these, as they make perfect baby-handeling-size gifts :)
I would change construction on these, as sewing on the legs is a tricky business, that I did not enjoy...
You can find the pattern here, but for another month or so, it will still be in mystery-format. After that it will be edited into a normal pattern, so don't fear ;)

I have decide to show you some more older projects today, that I made over the summer.

First off, this cutie:
Isn't he awesome? I love this one soooo much! He came out way bigger then supposed to (pattern said 17cm, I went up 1mm in hook size and ended up with 20cm of head alone!), but he is so hugable. I don't have him anymore, as he was part of a swap package :)
Will be making him again though! This way everyone can love clowns (or so I hope!).
You can find the project page here, but the pattern is not available online...

Then let's round it of by a collection of baby gifts that I made.

It's a farm set! And I love them all... I made up the piggy completely by myself, the sheep head and paws were inspired by other sheep, but I turned it into a little lovey. Proud of these, if the occasion arises, I'd happily do them again. But they were not alone.
I made even more!

Baby shoes!
Such nice and quick projects. All patterns and other info is nicely put together on one project page.

I hope you have enjoyed today's projects. I happen to already have WIP-pic for next week, so let's hope I get them up! ;)

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