vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

FOF: Autumn!

Hi everyone! I didn't get around to writing a blog post last Wednesday... Damn university with it's (n)ever (stopping) deadlines... But now I do have some time to spare, with a short holiday coming up, so I have some lovely projects to share... I did to crochet lots, despite my busy week ;)

First off, I finished some more Star Buddies:

This happy lot is awaiting some little booties and some other goodies to go along in a baby-present-package... Some more crocheting to be done here!

Then I caught the autumn-bug... I LOVE autumn, I think it is one of my favorite seasons (winter would win, as long as there is a substantial amount of snow). I love the colors, leafs falling, the crisp air and, as long as I am warmly tugged up in front of the fire place inside, the autumn storms...

So, how could I resists some awesome autumn-y colored skein of yarn?

I mean, this skein just doesn't belong on a shelf in a store, right? So I made another Cliff, because I love dinos as much as I like autumn, and Cliff is always perfect to show off colorways :D
Oh, I love my new dino... ;)

The yarn was not the easiest to crochet with (it was delicate, barely plied, so it was easy to break) and certainly a nightmare to sew with... But I manage and I ended up with this awesome cutie!

Then, Monster's Toy Box released a new pattern. For a Candy Corn!
Now, I must admit, that that stuff is not available on this side of the ocean (at least, I have never seen it)... But as a legacy of my Neopet days, I  have a fondness for Candy Corn colored/themed stuff...
So I had to make this one!

Too cute, right?  He still needs a mouth, but I was too lazy to grab some black yarn and sew it on. Will do that in the future ;) Just as making more of them, will do that for sure also!

Wondering what all those interesting things in the background are? It's my lovely autumn-table!

I barely use my coffee table (safe from when I have visitors), so I mis-use it a seasonal display... And each year new crochet items fill it up. The scarecrow behind Candy Corn is from last year, he survived, because I haven't found a replacement ;)

That was it for this week's FOFriday... Like I said, I have a break next week... But breaks don't necessarily mean I have time to spare. So, let's hope I will remember WIPW, as I have a really exciting WIP!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to add some links to the patterns used here... Let's just put them all together:
Star Buddies
Cliff project page
Candy corn pattern

See you next week (I hope ;) )

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