vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

FOF: Beagles

Hi everyone! Welcome to a nice and autumn-y Friday morning. I have FOs to show you, and even more then I thought!

The project(s) I hinted at on Wednesday are totally finished... And they are of prizewinning quality!

I made two little doggies... I have named them Lucy and Brownie.

Lucy is the youngest, but also the wisest of the two...

Brownie is a playful little guy who loves belly rubs... And he gets plenty, as he won Freshstitches' September Photo contest! YEAH! :D
Now it so happens to be that he and his sister are also participating in another contest, so maybe he can be a double champion ;)

I thought, this would be it, but it so happens to be, that I finished another project this week!

Meet Gordon the Flamingo. He is not really Flamingo-colored, but he is a sweet bird.

I hope you are up for even more pics, as I decided to add some of the last summer-projects-pics to today's post.

I made two snails over the summer!

Meet Sofie, one of the newest, free!, patterns of Stip en Haak. A cute little thing.

And I got a kitclub-shipment from Freshstitches, also for a snail... Or slug, as apparently in American they don't have the same name...

This one was made with a special yarn, which you can split and recombine... Which is what I did!

And with that, we have come to the end of today's post...
Nice and lengthy right?
For link to all of these patterns, I refer you to my projectpages:
Slug, including yarn info!
Snail, which hasn't been added to Ravelry yet, I just realized. Find her here.

Have a nice weekend!

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