vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

FOF: Star buddy

Hi everyone... Today I have just one little project coming your way, just to make you smile...

Because that's what they do to me, these little Star Buddies... They make me smile!

Too cute right? I love these easy project(s). You can find project info here.
Last Wednesday I got a comment on how lovely the yarn is... (It is, isn't it?) So I thought I'd tell you what I used.
I used Stylecraft Special Double Knit for this one, color numbers (in order of the rainbow used):
1132 (shrimp), 1081 (safron), 1020 (lemon), 1316 (spring green), 1034 (sherbet), 1432 (wisteria).
I like the yarn names as much as the colors itself ;)

I have more of these in the makes, and will be starting on a quite a few new projects over the weekend, but I have some long time WIPs left also. I am busy crochet wise!

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