vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

FOF: Summer catch up

Hi everyone! I didn't get anything finished this week, but luckily I still have some projects left from this summer, that I haven't showed around here :)

Surprisingly enough... These are mostly no softies! They are part of three swap-packages I made over the summer.

The one thing that is an softie is this one:

This is a cat that I designed myself. I do have notes on how I made him, so if I have time to spare I might write it up.

Then we have this package:

Which included my first ever shawl! It is a tad lighter then here on the pic in real life. It also included a little doggie:

And some little bags, for the kids of my swap-partner:
The last thing to show you is all owl-themed... My third swap-package included this:
And the most awesome thing I made all summer:
An owl-tote! Even when it wasn't yet finished I got compliments for it. Might be something to repeat...

I even lined it! I was seriously happy with how this turned out...
And I may conclude it was a nice crafty summer, even though I, of course, did not finish half of what I wanted ;)

I hope to see you back next week with more nice projects.
I happened to like the list of links at the end of my post, last week... So we will make that a standard.
See you soon!

Shawl+Doggie+Little bags - project page
Owl Tote - pattern

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