vrijdag 29 maart 2013

FOF: Scrappy

Hi everyone! Just a quick FOFriday today.

I started a lot this week, but only finished one thing:

A Scrap-a-long Mixtro Monster, pattern by Stacey Trock, yarn: Magic ball form Stacey Trock...
Yes, it arrived... In record time! So I made this cutie first, before finishing my whale and Mr. Toothy.

Isn't she cute? I don't particularly like monsters, but this is truely lovely... I will be making more Mixtros in the future for sure.

And that was all... Please check back Monday, as I will post about all the things that will change in the coming weeks/month's while I work on my blog... It's my new WIP :P

For more FOs, please go over to Tami's Amis and enjoy...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good and cute! Love it, I wish I knew how to crochet so I could join the Magic Ball CAL. Do you think you'll work with magic balls again?

    1. I know I will! I have one, mostly blue, left and more that half of my mostly yellow is left...
      I also made a magic ball myself, which was fun to do and if I ever have a decent amount of scraps (again) I will know what to do with it!