woensdag 27 maart 2013

WIPW: Way too much

Hi everyone! Welcome to WIPW again.

I have way too many plans and idea's for the next few weeks... And way too little time to crochet it all.

My official WIP-list consists of 9 projects, and 3 projects I will most likely start before next WIPW.
I will show you now, only the 3 projects I started since Monday. Others you have already seen and did not progress significantly (which comes from having too many WIPs).

My favorite project at the moment: Richard the Whale. And he is stripy! :)

Really enjoying making this! I love the stripes!
I started Richard to have something to do while waiting for my Magic Balls to arrive...

That's right, Magic Balls. Currently, at the Freshstitches forum on Ravelry, we are holding a CAL, actually a scrap-a-long; or: make any animal out of scraps...
Now I don't own scraps, so I had nothing to do for the first week of the CAL, as that was when we would gather our scraps to create a Magic Ball.
Solution: buy a Magic Ball made by Stacey Trock herself. But that has to come from the US, so then, for keeping me occupied for the next week(s), the scrap-inspired whale was born!

It turned out I was too jealous of all lovely Magic Balls on display at the Freshstiches forum to not make one of my own. I took out some mini-skeins:

And I made a Magic Ball:

With in the background my schoolbook, that I actually should be reading instead of winding Magic Balls :P

I started a Big Mr. Toothy with my Magic Ball. Due to the fun I have in creating Richard, I did not yet get much done:

Of course, seeing as this is a Freshstitches CAL, all pattern are from Stacey Trock.

Lastly I am testing a pattern for TheNerdyKnitter:

This is the head of the Chao. I clearly work with an untested pattern, as I am very slow in my progress. Also I started over, as my hands did not tolerate the 2,5mm hook I was originally using. Never had that problem before, but well, it is always wise to listen to your body (or most definitely your hands if you're a crocheter).

So, that was it for my crochet WIPs. You might have noticed I changed the background of my blog. It is only the first of multiple changes. I will talk more about this next Monday, but for the upcoming weeks: don't be surprised if things on my blog aren't as they used to be, links don't work and things looking strange... It will all come out right in the end :)

For more yarn-y WIPs, please hop over to Tami's Amis and check out some more.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. the whale lookslike he's going to be cute!! doens't it stress you out, having so many things you want to do but no time to do it? i get so stressed!

    1. Oh, it does! But luckily I have too much crocheting to do, it is not life threatening if it does not get finished... Although, not finishing my sister's birthday present might be :P

  2. aww a stripey whale - super cute!! Have a creative wednesday xx

  3. Je projecten zijn leuk, vooral je walvis in de maak! Veel succes met alles en je studie!

  4. Richard the whale has lovely colours!

    The magic ball sounds very fascinating, I have never heard of those before....although I know how you feel when you are doing crafty stuff instead of the important tasks :)

  5. The whale is awesome! It is so bright! And I almost always choose crafty fun over work :-)

  6. I can completely empathize. I wish there was a way to find more time for all the projects I'd like to get done.