woensdag 6 maart 2013

WIPW: Rainbow Kitty

Hi everyone. Welcome once again to WIPWednesday!

I have some projects to show you that I am really excited about!

I have started another Nelson. And this time I tortured myself by deciding I would make a striped Nelson...

For those of you who have made this pattern (by Stacey Trock) themselves: you know Nelson already has more that enough color changes. And I introduced some more :P

For those of you who have never made Nelson: make Nelson! Just don't decide to change colors every few rows ;)

But, if you look at him... It's worth it:

I know, not the best picture... But you will get to see him in full glory this Friday, as all I really got to do is assembly...

On a side note: I started Nelson to try out some new yarn I have bought. I use Bravo Mezzo, a 100% acrylic, but super soft chunky yarn... It's lovely! :)

My second project, I am really excited about, is a rainbow kitty! Also from a pattern from Stacey Trock (Kendra the Kitty Cat). I know I still have another little cat (Moosje) in the works at the moment, and I really should finish her... But my mom gave me some wonderful rainbow yarns this weekend:

So, you probably understand: I had to try some of this! So, using the Scheepjes Softfun Batik I started my kitty.

I am planning on also finishing up this Kitty this week...

So that's me for this week's Wednesday. Please check out some more WIPs over at Tami's Amis and I will see you again this Friday!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nelson looks good, it seems to be a nice project to do. I love your yarn, I am a fan of softfun but the Batik I've never had.

  2. I think the rainbow cat's going to be awesome! Like a laid back sixties hippy kitty!

  3. I think the striped Nelson is going to be adorable!