woensdag 20 maart 2013

WIPW: Ollie

Hi everyone! Miss me last week?

I had no works in progress on Wednesday, seeing how busy I was for school I decided not to write a blog post... And Friday I was at my mom's and I did not have access to my photos, so no finished objects either...

But this week I will make it up to you, especially on Friday (which, again, I will spent at my mom's but this time I will go prepared :P) as you have two weeks of FOs to drool over then :)

For now I have three things in the works:

The first is an Overlay Mandala from CAROcreated design. It looks like an FO, but I can assure you, it still requires work... I'm about half way in rounds.

What was new to me was the requirement to join each round... But on the other hand, you can truly see it grow row by row, as it seems an FO after every round. (It would make a pretty coaster, at the moment, don't you think?)

Secondly I am working on yet another Stacey Trock pattern, as well, every other project I get this urge to make one of her cuties!
This time I am making a Rainbow Microbe, with one of my lovely new rainbow yarns...

It is made in loop stitch which is lovely! I am making it double stranded, to make it bigger (it's thin yarn, only requiring a 2,5mm hook; now I use a 4mm) and fluffier.
It will probably use up all of my yarn... But well, it's worth it.

And lastly I am working on a project for my sister, who does not want to admit she wants it (after all, she's too old for plushies [or so she claims]) so I have to make it for my sister's cat...
Yeah, really. My sister has a cat who demands that I crochet her a elephant!

But anyway, I love this pattern! Ollie is based on a mascot from a zoo here in the Netherlands, who is currently sponsoring a national soccer team. They use it in the TV-commercial. It's really cute.
Even if you don't speak Dutch it is fun to watch!

The one I'm make right now is like 15 cm (6 inch) + a little, as I have not yet made the feet.
I will make myself a bigger one, someday... As it's just too cute!
The pattern is from Carin Creaties, and available in English. I can't wait to see how it will turn out in the end :)

So, that's it for me this week. I hope you will take some time to go an check out some more WIPs on Tami's Amis blog. And please, come back on Friday. I hope to show your at least Ollie and my FOs form last week :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The overlay mandala already looks amazing. I'm eager to see it in its final form. The colors you chose are really beautiful together.

  2. Your OVerlay Mandela is stunning, I can`t wait to see the finished result. I also love the rainbow microbe. He will be so very cute. Just thinking about his cuteness makes me grin.