vrijdag 22 maart 2013

FOF: Ollie!

Hi everyone! It's Friday again, and although I am deprived of photographs at the moment I was thinking ahead this time.
I wrote this blog post yesterday, when I still had access to my photos.

First of all, off course, I want to show you Ollie, as I have finished him!
By now my sister should have received it, so maybe I will update later today (Friday) with a picture of her and Ollie (if she is willing to admit that she wanted him, instead of her cat).

Isn't this one adorable elephant?
I did have some problems with his ears. I picked up back-loop crocheting from Stacey Trock and well, I think it's hard not to crochet BLO by now and I make almost everything I do in BLO.
Overall, that no big deal... But with non-symmetrical flat pieces... It is trouble! So my ears differ.
I am my worst critic, so I care, but probably, no one else. Admit, you don't even see it, right? :P

Then I also finished my second Kit Club pattern, which was Mozzy, a long legged mosquito.
Poes was willing to pose...

Aren't they cute together?

Poes, however, did not want to pose with her own toy... So the kitty ball I made is just a sphere in the picture :P

But, it does look good, doesn't it?
I will be making some more of these, as Poes loves it and yet she still manages to get it to disappear over and over again (under, behind, into and onto of the furniture).
I need more if I don't want to get up every few minute to save a hyper cat from destroying everything in her path to get to her ball. And I did not even fill it with catnip! (Which I was planning, but most definitely won't be doing now!)

The pattern for Ideal Crochet Spheres is from Emily Premise-Conclusion.

Lastly, I finished some adorable spring squishies. It is a pattern by Josephine Wu. And they are adorable!

 I will be making a lot more little ducks (top right) as that pattern just is the most adorable of all four and I would love to have an army of little ducklings! They are easy and quick to make, so lots of fun.

I think that these conclude all that I have to show you. I have lots and lots more plans in my head and lying around in my room. There is so much I want to make! Why can't I just crochet all day?

To answer my own question: Poes won't let me :P, she thinks I'm boring while I crochet and always suffers from I-am-getting-too-little-attention attacks while I crochet. Cuddle attacks are very hazardous for my crocheting (cat hairs!).

I hope you and others did get a lot of crocheting done! So please check over at Tami's Amis for more FO-goodness!

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  1. Now that's an amazing elephant! I love him! I'd be interested in making one about 18"high as an ottoman, LOL!

    My cat never plays with cat toys.... she'd much rather get into the knitting she's supposed to stay away from. Sometimes I think she rummages in my knitting basket to get my attention and win some treat bribes.

  2. Lovley projects! My favorite is the elephant.

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminados-48/

  3. New friend :)
    Love your site..looking forward to seeing more!

  4. love the elephant! cutest mosquito ever.

  5. I love the toy, it's gorgeous! I also think the duckling is adorable, but I think I'd want an army of all of them!