maandag 1 april 2013

MM: Mechandise Monday

Over a week ago now, I went the birthday of my nephews. I got to give them the toys I made them, I’m sure you remember:

The reactions were brilliant to say the least. Even the little one year old immediately dove into his package… The cars were a good choice, right size and very chewable (which he tested within minutes).  
His older brother, who turned four, was overly excited by every package he got. But I made a good choice: his current obsession is helicopters…
He was all over it, and that it is the only helicopter he has that’s soft and cuddly was off course a fantastic bonus. According to his parents, he has been sleeping with a hard plastic toy helicopter in his bed for months, so a plush one comes in very handy!

Although that of course was very satisfying to see, I was taken aback by the reactions I got from the adults present. Adults can be way more critical than kids, but not this time.
All praised my choices in design, colors and yarns used. My craftsmanship was even more complimented, to the point where I started to get shy… Never expected that.
Within the hour I was discussing sales and prizes with all who came to sit next to me, all wanted to hear how I made them, the time it took me, whether I ever seriously considered selling them and what I would or could ask when selling them (according to them, I’d make a fortune)…

Those conversations sparked something. Of course, being part of the Freshstitches community, the subject of designing and selling your toys as a business, or even your solemn source of income, has crossed my path. But when I was at that birthday party I realized, it is also what I really want to do:
I want to sell the things I make to make others very happy with them. And I will take serious action to get there.

That is when we come to the real reason for this post: I will start my journey into the world of merchandise… And I will take you along.

Of course I could open an Etsy shop today and start selling, but that’s not what I want. I have a serious need for control, not only during my crocheting (as I found many people judge their behavior during crocheting as nearing OCD), but in all that I do.
So I won’t open an Etsy shop today, I will look into every aspect of selling my craftsmanship over the course of weeks, months even… And post about it.

Meow Monday will become Merchandise Monday and please, feel free to come and join in on my journey. Maybe the things I find will help you also…

In the next weeks, you will see changes on my blog. I will add pages, pictures, links to patterns and hopefully some patterns of my own… I hope to make my blog more interactive for you this way.

Also, for my Dutch readers (there are not much yet), who kept on reading until here: I will have a Dutch blog as well (as that’s where my potential customers are: in my own country… And not all speak English).

At the same time, I ask you to bear with me: my study in Medicine has just taken a turn for the busiest time of the year, with lots of lectures, workgroups and assignments. Also instead of just one subject, we will be covering two at the same time: it will take its toll…
So if I miss a week of posting… You’ll know why.

For all who managed to read through all my rambling, I thank you, and hope to see you again, next Monday.
For those of you who skipped to the end: I will see you again next week, hopefully with a very interesting and readable post… On an important thing in selling stuffed animals: shipping your products (especially the costs and the impact is has on your business plans).

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