vrijdag 27 december 2013

FOF: Christmas Crafting

Welcome to all... On this special FOFriday. It is special for many reasons, so please stick around till the end...

First, let's just pretend it is a normal FOFriday... I have done lots of Holiday crafting over the past week, so I have loads to show you!

First of all, I made some crocheted hearts, for my sister:

And my grandmother:

Then, of course, after much work, I finished my moms Christmas Stocking... It turned out a bit big (alright, it's GINOURMOUS), but both me and my mom are very pleased with it :D

That's all crochet-stuff, but for once I'd thought I show you the full extend of my Christmas craft:

The bottom two are just for me... The top stacks of mini-cupcakes came with me to work on the 24th...
After all, my birthday is coming up... And I thought we could all use it on the busiest day of the year (I work in a supermarket, trust me, on the 24th we could all use these).

And my birthday brings me to the list of reasons why this FOFriday is special:
1. My birthday is tomorrow!
2. It's the Holidays!
3. This is my 99th post! I have been bloging for a year now, and I think it's time to celebrate!

This post would be too lengthy when I include this little celebration... So please join me in my next post... That's right... That will be my 100th!

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