vrijdag 6 december 2013

FOF: More Sinterklaas!

Today I show you the result from a week of Sinterklaas crafting. I made the Sinterklaas Surprise for my mom. And so I have been busy...
Wednesday, which is the day before my surprise was to be revealed, I decided that it lacked something. So I started crocheting:
I made a croissant and a Gingerbread Man. Together with a homemade loaf of bread. It was the perfect surprise for my mom, who recently got a new function at her job at the bakery.
The croissant and the homemade loaf of bread contained hidden presents :)

I made the croissant with help of this pattern. I used the sausage roll, be then using only one collor and I pulled it a little in a sort of crescent scape. I created a whole by making a chain and reattaching that. This allowed access to the present.

Gingerbread Man was made using this pattern. Isn't he cute?

Here another picture of the Gingerbread Man, together with the Sint:

As I, of course, finished Sinterklaas as well! Enjoy his photoshoot!

He turned out way too cute! And he is so increadibly huggable! I have never given so much love to a creation (in the form of big hugs!). His beard is not the least factor in this, clearly.
I was thinking about writing down the pattern of this guy (or at least the modifications on this pattern). Interested?

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