woensdag 18 december 2013

WIPW: Christmas

Hi everyone and welcome at WIPW! Today I'd like you to see my Christmas-projects.
There are two so far. Two Christmas Stockings to be precise. For my mom.
She know I am making one of them, as she asked for it, but I thought it would be nice to make a real surprise out of it...
For as far as I know, my mother does not read my blog. I trust my sister not to tell her, so I should be save with showing you.

This is the stocking she knows I am making:

Stocking? Yeah, alright, I admit it does not look like a stocking yet, but it will... In the end.
Poes wasn't even in the slightest thinking about moving aside so I could take a picture o_O', she has one of those weeks where the maximum distance between me and her is an armslength. If I get up, she will stay close enough to have me trip every few steps ;)

Then the second stocking:

A little squarish at the moment, but that will be alright... And yes, Poes snuck back into the picture. Here she is annoyed, as I sent her off my lap and from the bed.

I hope to finish at least the last stocking on Friday, but I don't know if I can pull that off. I will try my best though!

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