dinsdag 17 december 2013

MM: or no... Wait, its Tuesday!

That's right... I forgot MM again. I don't know how many people actually read MM, but I know my sister won't appreciate another week missed... And I must admit: I have two reason to write this post anyway, better late that never...

Reason number one:
Me and Poes actually had an adventure last week... And I want to share with you!

You see, my cat is well traveled... I study at the university and live in the city where I study. But in the weekends I leave for my moms. It's cheaper, and of course... Gezelliger...
I know, Dutch word... Fairly untranslatable, so let's just say it's more fun to go home to my mom ;)

This traveling involves a train ride of an hour each week, and Poes? She just tags along!

From day one she had a traveling bag. And no, the two cats no longer fit in together... They were only like 8 weeks old here! (Nor would they tolerate being this close to each other anymore).

Although anything that gets her transported will do, Poes has a preference for nice cozy bags on train rides... As what's a cat got to do? Sleep of course... And be very cute, so other travelers oohh and aahh ;)

Now, on to our adventure of last week... My cat also walk on a leash! :D
And we took a nice walk through the mini, semi-forest across from my building:

It made us happy. And I remembered how much fun it can be, as I hadn't taken Poes out for a while... Now I have decided to take walks more often again :)

Are you still wondering what the second reason is for catching up with this post anyway?
Well, you will find out next week... But I can tell you it has something to do with the fact that this is post 94...

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