woensdag 11 december 2013

WIPW: Winter is coming!

Yes, you read that correctly. Here in the Netherlands it is not yet impressive (nor does anyone expect it to be impressive already), but other parts of the world might thing of this as an understatement ;)
Yet, I try to bring some snow into my house anyway...

As I am crocheting a Snowman!

A fluffy one! ;) And, as you can see, it is nearly finished.

Finally I also got to a commissioned project:

Admitting: not much to see yet... But I got started! ;)

My last project is also fun... But my laptop not so much... Somehow it won't upload the photo.

I hope to have some nice thing(s) to show you on Friday.
And before you start, I know I have skipped MM for two weeks in a row... It just slips my mind!
But today Poes and I went on an adventure, so Monday I surely have a post!
Tami's Amis is collecting links, as always. 

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