woensdag 4 december 2013

WIPW: Sinterklaas

This WIPWednesday is a short one, I only have one project... But this one is extremely cute!
I am making a Sinterklaas... On my Dutch blog I could leave it at that. For my international readers I advise a quick Google-ing. Sinterklaas is a Dutch children's celebration. You get lots of presents and you can eat lots of candy... Of course it has a deeper meaning and history, but for that I refer you to Wikipedia.
^ This is only the dress/body... Isn't that already incredibly cute?

And it only gets better... This is seriously the most huggable, little Sint I have ever seen!

I love this little project! And I must admit... I already finished him... But this is WIPW, so no showing off of the end result.
For those of you who can't wait: here you will find the Sint (with pattern for a Gnome, I modified it to fit my needs...)

For those who can wait, I hope to see you back on Friday!

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  1. I just love your Sinterklaas--I snuck a peek at the finished product--what incredible detail. My mother was German and we celebrated St. Nicholas day by leaving out our shoes and finding them filled with little gifts and candy the next morning.