vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

FOF: Bunny!

Welcome back to FOFriday! Today we will continue on with the shorter posts, I have three projects to show... But they are cute! ;)
First up two projects I haven't shown before.
These are two projects from the FreshStitches KitClub.

First up is a little monster, in a super cool yarn that we got...

He turned out even nicer then I though he would... A little smaller, but just right!
Made by this pattern.
I just had to finished this one, as the new kit had already arrived...

And it allowed me to dye my own yarn!

It turned into a bear in blue and orange... I thought it was super fun to dye my own yarn, so luckily I discover where to get this stuff in the Netherlands.
I call it stuff, because the idea that this is meant to be lemonade, and you'd have to drink something that dyes yarn... I can't wrap my head around it.

My other project I showed shortly on Wednesday: the ghost bunny is finished!

A bunny...

A little ghost...


I totally love this thing! The bunny is just as cute on its own, so more bunnies to follow... The pattern can be found here.

Tami's Amis will once again serve as a source for more FOFriday projects...

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  1. All of them are cute. We do Kool-Aid dyeing here in Canada, and dyeing with icing dyes, so I totally get what you mean - seems very odd to drink or eat them after that :)

    Love the peek-a-boo bunny :) Happy Halloween lil rabbit!