donderdag 10 oktober 2013

FOF: Not too small either...

Hi everyone... This week everything seems to turn out a little big. My Wednesday post was quite long (if you missed it, please, do take the time to read it anyway; it has some nice stuff! :) ) and today's post isn't to small either.
Next to this, I took on the monstrous task of making all my (133) Ravelry projectpages public... This means you can visit them now, even without having a Ravelry account. How cool is that? You can find my WIPs in the sidebar on the left, they will take you right there!
And then now, the promised big amount of FOs...

Firstly an 'old' project, this one has been lying around for a while already, but I never showed it here:

A nice, handy shoulder bag... And I attached my little butterfly because it looks nice :)
This pattern is what belong with it, but I must say I only used it as a guideline... Most of the bag is improvised.

Then I, of course, also have some projects from the past week:
Firstly a very sweet cow:

A little autumn-y on the picture... She is showing off on top of my mothers closet now, as she claimed it 'to complete her collection'.

Then there is this other project, also immediately claimed by my mother:
Litlle Nellies! This ones I made before, but I wasn't as pleased with them then as I expected...
But this time they turned out very nice and cute and now I know for sure there will be more...

So, this is my mothers shelves again... But I must admit, they are very cute here.
I made a fourth one, by the way, but this one wasn't ready when I took this picture.

Lastly I have finished Igor the Tiny Bat.

This pattern from FreshStitches fit right in with the Halloween-theme of the CAL, of course... And now I am waiting for Tuesday, when the 'Ghost Bunny' will be released. This will be my next entry for the CAL!

So, four more projects finished...
And now, crochet and see what I will finish in the coming week... My pile of WIPs seems to be constantly growing. Why can't I stop starting project after project... ;)

At Tami's Amis you should be able to find more nice FOs on Friday.
Wednesday, something did not work out... But then again, you can always drop by a blog and check out the Wednesday post anyway! :)

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  1. Love the cow, so gorgeous! I have tried to make all of my Ravelry pages public but it was really hard...maybe you have inspired me to try again!

    1. It just requires patience. Click on share this page, select public for all and you're done... It is just the amount of pages... ;)