woensdag 9 oktober 2013

WIPW: It's a long story!

Hi everyone... It's WIPWednesday again... And oh, I got so much to show and tell you! :)

Let's start with a new addition to my blog... Which happens to be totally related to WIPW!
If you look to the left (you might have to scroll down a bit), you can now see my current progress as it is shown on Ravelry... I think it is very cool! :)

You might see some projects appearing in this corner that either I don't mention yet (the 0% ones)... As those are future projects, that will come to pass :)
Then there are the projects that might strike you as familiar, because you might have seen them before, that seem stuck on their progress... Well, they are. But they are not yet abandoned enough to become hibernating... I hope to work on all projects that you see on the side, sooner or later ;)

Now let's move on to showing you stuff!

I am currently very busy crocheting autumn-y and halloween-y stuff.. Actually, I am even participating in two halloween and one autumn CAL.

The first one:

With FreshStitches... I am planning to make/enter three projects for this and this is the first one:

You might not see it yet, but this will become a cute little bat... And if you look at the side bar (on which you can also click to go to the project page) you can see that I have more finished of this one, by now. I just didn't have a more recent picture ;)

Then I have a second CAL, with Beesteboel. This is a Dutch forum on Ravelry and they are hosting a Mystery CAL!

So, working hard, but I have no idea what this will become:

The only thing I know, is that whatever animal it is: I will make it pumpkin-y!
I can totally see how this should work, let's hope that is also how it turns out to be...

And then the last CAL:

This is a CAL of a new group on Ravely, which I hope will be as much fun as the others are...
For this one I am working on my current most favorite project:

This, incredibly cute, scarecrow! Where as the other CALs ask of you specific patterns (any FreshStitches pattern, the Mystery pattern) I could freely choose what to make for this one: so I made a quick choice :)

For all three patterns you can find the links in the sidebar, so I won't be posting them in this post.
If you click on the side, it takes you straight to my project pages on Ravelry, where you will find all info on each project!

Then on to the last thing to share today... It falls a bit out of the scope of WIPW, but I just had to share!

For the last two week I have been showing you my Safari Skittles... And now the designer, Joanita Theron, asked me if you could feature my end result on her blog! Well, of course I said yes! :)
I feel so honored... And I will do something back: Please, if you have a spare moment, visit her blog.
She has more amazing designs (some of which I am sure I will make one day!) and of course, my little moment of glory ;)

Also, don't forget about Tami's Amis, who, as always, hosts WIPW!

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