woensdag 16 oktober 2013

WIPW: Bunny

Hi everyone! It is WIPWednesday again, already!
After last week's long post, today is a short one ;)
First I want to show you some progress on my Granny Square blanket.
Excuse my cat for not getting out of the way for a nice picture.
But, I did get from 6 to 15 squares, and I didn't thin that was too bad :)
Some endings still need to be tucked away, but I think that doesn't count.

Then I have a new project...
Again for the Halloween CAL at FreshStitches.

And, can you guess yet what it will be? Or is it still too tough?

It will become a bunny in ghost costume... Its darling I can assure you, but I still have some work to be done...

And for this week, that's all I have to show you.
Tami's Amis has returned from her holiday, so there is a lot of things to check out there!

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