woensdag 30 oktober 2013

WIPW: Halloween

Hello! It is WIPWednesday and I have two projects to show you!
First up is the CAL of the Beesteboel forum... Yesterday we got the last clue (on assembly), but I haven't gotten that far. I did finish the crocheting:
It may be clear... It is indeed a bat. Maybe I will get him put together tonight (judging by the amount of loose end, that will be a hell of a job ;) ).

My second project is the scare crow, who finally got a little attention again:

Now there are only lots of little things to be done. So I hope that won't take too long anymore!

I hope I have a post up for you on Friday... If not, please enjoy yourself with my Meow Monday post ;)

Tami's Amis has more WIPs lined up already!

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