vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

FOF: Cat and owl

Hi everyone! I am totally ready for FOFriday... As I did not finish only one, but two projects!
The first one was sorta promised, of course:
I finished the Tape Measure Owl.

He turned out to be very much fun, and I think that if I find the right person, something like this would make a fine gift!

The second project is a little cat.
A Halloween-cat, to be precise!

Not a 100% exactly according to the pattern, but very cute, not?

Both patterns are from Just-in from Cute and Kaboodle. She is having a Test-a-Long at the moment...
This means that both patterns have not yet been tested, but everyone is welcome to do so!

I must say that I only found one little mistake in the whole two patterns, so they are quite good already... But they are still fun to make, so join in if you want to!

Next week we will start with Meow Monday again, so I hope you are ready for a dose of cat-cuteness then! Please, come and visit!

Tami's Amis will have many more FOs lined up for you during the day.

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