zondag 27 oktober 2013

MM: Halloween

Welcome to another edition of Meow Monday...

Lately I have seen plenty of pictures of dressed-up cats... Thinking of Halloween, I thought, don't I have pictures like that?

Muffin would enjoy being a present, that's for sure...

And a nice hat isn't bad either ;)

And I especially like this one... Unfortunately the quality doesn't really impress.

Poes isn't nearly as cooperative as Muffin is... So this picture is unique in its kind:

I can tell you... Poes was not amused! That explains why the picture isn't sharp, right? ;)

Crocheted dressed-up cats are way more animal-friendly...
And this is the ultimate costume, of course:
This is the new pattern from FreshStitches! Ninja-cat!
I really want to make this one... But I will add a little adaption:

This iDit is de ramen-klimmende variant van carfis11 :D

Chloe (carfis11 dus) heeft vaker van dit soort geniale invallen, dus haar blog is zeker een bezoekje waard! ;)

Nu is het wachten op WIPWoensdag, dan heb ik weer meer haakleuks om te laten zien!

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