woensdag 23 oktober 2013


Good morning! Did you all enjoy the reintroduction of Meow Monday?
I got a little confused this morning, thinking I had nothing to show you all...
But of course I do... I mean, most of the time I seem to have too much WIPs.
The scarecrow and the granny squares didn't make much progress since their last appearance, which created the thought I had nothing to show you.

But luckily there is the Mystery CAL from Beesteboel!

This is what I have finished so far... And I must say, my instinctual guess when I first read the introduction may proof to be true.
My money is on a little bat... A pumpkin-y bat, that is. As mine will get some leaves. The patterns for that are ready to go :)

And I started a new project (will I ever learn? probably not!):

My tape measure is turning into an owl. The wings still need to be attached and the backside still needs to be closed... But I adore the project, and I wish one would need more tape measures than one ;)

I hope to have something finished on Friday, I mean, the owl must be doable, right?
I hope to see you back, then! Until then Tami's Amis awaits visitors ;)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Cant wait to see these things when finished :) no we never learn with out wips ;) but at least now we have a reason, cause wednesdays is wip days ;)

  2. Such a fantastic idea to cover your tape measure. My mom bought me one that looks like a cake in felt, it makes me want to just measure things!