vrijdag 8 november 2013


Hi everyone... I skipped WIPWednesday this week, it so happens to be that I had only FOs lying around on Wednesday. But that means I do have something to show you today!
First of all, my scarecrow!

Those few little details just finish him off! He worked out very well, so I am happy with it!
The pattern can be found here, at Teri Crews... She makes more dolls and stuffed animals, so go and see some sometime! I hope to make some more of her creations myself.

Then I also finally finished my mystery CAL from Beesteboel. I put of the assembly for quite some time, but got to do it now! ;)

This is Ba-Bat, the most female bat you will every meet, or at least, I met ;)
She turned out quite cute, I think... And her scarf can be removed!

Here you can find the pattern, but it is only available in Dutch for now.

My last project is a surprise. You haven't seen this one before!

I made this for my sister and her cat... And as she has recently started reading my blog regularly I couldn't post this before...
The worm in the appel made me think of a Dutch children's song and let this be a song my sister always sings to the cat... I had to make this! ;)

This is the last FO from me of today, at Tami's Amis you will find more!

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