maandag 25 november 2013

MM: Rosso

After last weeks Meow Monday post my sister protested really hard, claiming I missed one of our pets...
Well, our semi-adoptive pet ;)

Meet Rosso:

Yeah, that's right... The red one outside. It is a very, very tiny male cat (as you might see, Muffin is quite bigger, although way younger).

He has been around quite long already. He was big buddies with Teigertje, our previous cats. Poes and Muffin... Not so much! ;)
Living down the street he quickly learned that in summer our back door is open and that there is cat food in the house!

All that is left to do then, is capture the heart of the biggest pet lover of the house (my sister) and food is only a meow away! ;)

Now in winter-y times he joins in on our late night (henge the picture quality) dog walks for a little pet, a big cuddle and some nice late night snacking...

He is the cutest thing around, and my sisters biggest wish is to adopt him truly. Unfortunately we know his owner well, so she has some bad luck. She will have to do with petting and laughing:

^ this is not an uncommon sight, as you walk down the street with not enough attention for Rosso :D

I thought I'd look for a cat-loving pattern today, and this is what I found:

A Valentine cat! I love this thing... And be honest... He looks like Rosso ;)

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