woensdag 27 november 2013

WIPW: Where to start?

Hi everyone. It is WIPWednesday... Have you seen my growing list of WIPs on the left side? I have over 20 WIPs... No I won't show them all. Only a few ;)
First a project that will guaranteed be done on Friday:
What are these? Toadstools with four legs? No... There not! These will become two horse, mini-horses.
I am testing this patter for MonstersToyBox. The horses have been finished in the mean time, so you will most definitely see them on Friday.

The sheep for my nephew has see a good amount of progress:

I must admit, this isn't the most recent picture... But it is so nice that I choose to use it ;)
By now the sheep has two ears as well, and two fully finished arms.
It will need a pair of legs and a tail. And then of course some assembly. This should all be done on Friday also, so let's hope I pull that of.

We will see on Friday whether or not I did and at the very least there are the two horses that you can come and see.

Until then Tami's Amis is your source for yarn-y stuff.

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