woensdag 13 november 2013

WIPW: A New Spyro

Good morning everyone... This Wednesday I do have new projects started. Unfortunately I can't show them all (the Holiday season is arriving), but I found two projects prepared to go on a photograph for you...
First off I have started a second Spyro (a figure for a game called Skylanders, Google can provide you with pictures).
Although this probably will also be a Holiday-present, I can show this as I know for 100% sure that the receiver will not ever read my blog ;)

As multible projects dropped of the showable list, I thought I shortly update on my Granny Square blanket:

I really should take some time for this, as now it is still a doable task: the end of the blue stack still need to me sewn in... And yes, that is the bigger stack ;)

For me, that was all this week... But Tami's Amis has of course more WIPs.

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  1. I love granny squares! Can't make them, but I always have loved the look of them! Luckily all the people I knit for in my life are of the younger variety and don't know how to read a blog yet...not sure what I will do when they get older!