maandag 4 november 2013

MM: Poes' birthday!

Hello dear followers of CrochetPlush,
Today I have the pleasure of writing a little something for Meow Monday.
Natasja asked me to right a little piece for Meow Monday, as I am the reason she re-started it.
So, here I am...
I had no idea how difficult it is to write a blog post until I sat down for this!

I had no idea what to write, but suddenly it hit me...

Poes her birthday was on Sunday and she turned two. That makes Poes the eldest of the two cats, Muffin will have to wait until Thursday to celebrate her birthday. As we are cat lovers, that is a big happing ;)

And what is more fun that writing about Poes' birthday for all of you?

Well... This is how Poes thought about it... Not amused!

But, that doesn't matter. We completed the party with cat-cupcakes:

We at least had lots of fun ;)

And to end this guestblog I looked up some pictures of Poes of the past two years.
Enjoy and I hope you liked me writing something for a change!

Lots of love, Denise.

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