maandag 11 november 2013

MM: A belated birthday

Yes, you have read that right... Another birthday!

As my sister shortly mentioned last week, Muffin also celebrated her birthday recently.
On Thursday to be exact.
Followers of my blog have of course already seen her present:

This worm in an apple was given to Muffin by me... But I added some cat-behavioral books for my sister ;)

Now I have been thinking about the perfect project to put in this Meow Monday on a cat's birthday... Well, this one of course!

A cat-party hat! The designer of this, Lindsay Smith, has made many more lovely cute hats for cats... But I actually never came around to making one of them.
Maybe an idea for next year? ;)

Today I will end this post with some lovely Muffin-pictures of the last two years...

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