maandag 6 januari 2014

MM: The Final One

Thanks to those who participated in my Give Away!
Aren't you curious whether or not you won?

Let's hold off on that result for now, right?
Because we have the issue of the cutest cat...

Unfortunately, that winner is:

I mean, how can you think of this as cute?

Just kidding... We have a just winner, and luckily we also decided on another matter:

 Muffin is officially Fluffy! :D
So now that has been dealt with, on to the reason you even bothered to pick Muffin in a Cat-Contest...

The winner of the Give Away... (drumroll?)

My laptop picked 2 as the the lucky number...
Megan, I will be sending you an email shortly. :)

Then on an endnote: this will be the last Meow Monday (yes, Denise, really!). I just forget about it too often. I will be replace the Monday post with a new one, namely: Stash Busting Sunday.
Stash Busting is one of my big goals this year, so from next Sunday on, you can all keep an eye on my yarn use and see if I can really keep up with my yarn-diet ;)

To close this post, we of course need a reaction of the loser of today...
Poes, what do you think?

That's right, you can be a bit disappointed... You will get the nice spot in front of the window for the rest of the week ;)

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