woensdag 8 januari 2014


Welcome all to another WIPWednesday... They just keep flying by, don't they?
Today I have two projects that I will show you.

First I continuously keep working on the dragon...

Making progress... Although after two or three hours of crocheting on this I start to long for different projects... But I will keep on crocheting. I have now come to the longest repeat of 58 plain rows... I can do it!

My other project I started to give my hands something else to do for a while... Especially the small 3mm hook became just too much...
So I grabbed my loved 5mm and started this:

A dashond made with the FreshStitches magic balls I still have lying around. The nose, paws, ears, tail will be made with my mostly-yellow ball and the head and body are made with my mostly-blue ball... I might have enough left for another dashond... Or maybe another animal... Don't really know yet. We will see ;)

That was all I have to show you... I have more WIPs lying around somewhere, but no photographs... Don't be surprised to see some new projects on FOFriday!

And visit Tami's Amis for more, of course!

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