woensdag 22 januari 2014

WIPW: Two to share...

It is WIPWednesday all over again and I have looked at my pile of WIPs and things to finished...
And I decide on two things I'd like to show you today.

First is a simple stashbusting project, that I showed on Sunday also:

It by now is finished... But you don't know that ;)

Then I have a all new project started... It is a try-out for something else:

It's a little sheep... But it will have to become much more smaller in the future... As I said try-out, but I might have found a good cause for the products of this trial to end up ;)

That actually all I have to show today as I did not make progress on some WIPS and others crossed the finish line, without further progress photos taken...
So be back to see those, coming Friday! Linked by Tami's Amis you will find much more also!

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