zondag 19 januari 2014

SBS: One ball down...

Hi everyone! And welcome back to SBSunday! Still no fancy banner, but that's not why we are here, right? So let's move on to Stash Busting...

And truth to be told... It only got worse, my current SB-score is:
Stash: 31 vs. Me: 1

Yeah! That's right! I finished one 50g ball of yarn, while working on my Turtle Pair.

And I have started one nice SB-project: this scarf...

It is for my nephew, as per requested by his mother (my niece, so technically it is not really my nephew, but let's not think about that for too long...). I am nearing the end of my 100g ball of yarn here, so two point are in my near future. Also, I am only half way, so a second ball might get finished before the end! :D

Then, I suddenly remembered that one of the projects I started last week actually is a SB-project:

The Dashond is made using these balls of yarn:

They are Magic Balls, I got them from FreshStitches. And I love them! My dream is to possess a Rainbow version of it one day, but then I was Stash Busting this year... ;)

See you next week!
And if you yourself have some nice crafty Sunday blog and you are looking for some more viewers... Please post a link below so I and others can visit!

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