woensdag 29 januari 2014

WIPW: Good progress

Hi everyone! This week I made some goooood progress on three projects... And of course I will show them to you.

First of all, the dragon:
Body and paws done... On with his hair...

At the moment I call him RastaDragon... I hope it will turn out alright in the end ;)
As it is yet another endless job on this dragon, I will take a deep breath and continue on... Must get this done!

Secondly I have been working some on a straightforward project:
8 mini owls... And I decided to make a mommy to go along with them... All they need really is their bodies, but as the eyes have to come on before completely finishing I had to stop until I get back to my eye-supply. Nice, quick and easy, and too cute once finished... I will add some lovely sounds to them, and then they will be a FO in no time.

The last project is a new one... I am hoping the person it is intended for doesn't read my blog (I don't think so), but I will keep it's destiny a secret... Now just admire my handywork:

 Amazing, right? I'm myself curious to how it will look once finished... I hope to finish it soon, but you might understand that this thing drives me crazy at times!

Now, all I can say is that I hope to see you back on Friday, when I do hope to have at least one finished object... Although it might not be one of these ;) Curious? I will see you then!

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