zondag 12 januari 2014

SBS: The First One!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first StashBusting Sunday...
This is a new one so no fancy header yet, I will get onto making on in the coming weeks...
Today is mostly to explain SBS, so read on! You might decide to join me!

As said before, Stash Busting is just a necessity for me this year... I have so much and mostly I am just using about three different kinds/brands of yarn regularly... So it is time for the rest to go.

It just happens to be that on the Cute and Kaboodle forum on Ravelry the designer, Justyna or Just-in, has started a topic that just fits my purpose.
I will explain, the challenge is called: is it your stash or you. And technically it just to look who is in charge: you or your stash. These are the rules:

No. 1. For each skein/ball of yarn that you use from your stash you get points. For every skein that is added to your stash - your stash gets points…
No.2. The size matters here! Different size of skein can give you more or less points:
up to 50g - 1 point
up to 100g - 2 points
more than 100g - 3 points
No. 3. The size of your stash at the beginning of the game does not count, that means you can start whenever you want!
No. 4. Post your scores at the end of the month. Let’s say you used three 100g skeins, and bought two 50g skeins in a particular month. Your score will look like this:
ME: 6 points vs. STASH: 2 points

Join in here or see my tracking post here.

This is what I have to 'bust' away this year:
 Okay, let's be honest... This is an old picture... I have some loose bags lying around somewhere as well :o So let's get on with stash busting, shall we?

Well... This week for me... It's dramatic if it comes to stash busting, I can tell you that!

Current score:
Stash: 21 vs. Me: 0
How is that for a bad start... But it is not my fault, really... The LYS was cancelling one of their line and it was 6 for 5! (Yes, that's a lame excuse... I just bought too much ;) )
And it will get worse, as I just took on a new commissioned project...

I don't have any stash busting projects to show you yet, so let's hope I do next week.
But I do have a reason to show you all of my yarn-y treasures acquired this week :D

Will you join me with SBS? Or do you have some other nice crafty Sunday post? Leave a message and a link, then we can join in and read in on each others progress!

I hope to see you back next week!

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