donderdag 2 januari 2014

WIPW: Dragon

Hello everyone! I wish you all the best for 2014 and I hope you will have lots of crafty moments... Let's start off the craft year with a nice WIPWednesday...

Firstly I finally got some noticeable progress on my commissioned dragon:

 It has a lot of repeats... Which are quite boring, but well... Very easy. So I hope to make some more progress for next week, I think finishing it is a bit too much.

Then I am working on a Snowman Doll:

I am struggling with it somewhat, but it is working out now... I hope to finish it timely, but I am not seeing myself succeeding in that.

At Tami's Amis you will find more links to WIPs.
As Tami's post hadn't gone live last week, I have decide to extend my give away with a week...
Go over here, and participate! :)

For those of you reading in Dutch normally: yes, the Dutch post will come... But not now... It is past midnight already, and that late, two nights in a row? No, I'd like to thank for that ;)

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