vrijdag 12 april 2013

FOF: Flopsy!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick FOF today, as I have a busy day ahead of me.
I finished the amazing amount of three projects since Wednesday.
First of all, I finished both of my pattern tests:

 Chao is a cutie... I will be making another one soon to make sure I picked out all mistakes in the pattern.

Isn't she amazing! I really like Chao, but I have fallen in LOVE with Flopsy! She is so nice and she loves to pose for photographs :P

Last I finished a project I started a while back: Mike the Microbe

Made with some amazingly bright rainbow yarn, double stranded. I did not do the bulgy eyes, 'cause he's just so cute with his eyes hidden :)

Please, go over and visit Tami's Amis for more cuteness...And join me again on Monday, as I will talk about Stock: how much stuffed animals do you need..?

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