woensdag 10 april 2013

WIPW: Pattern tests

Hi everyone. It's Wednesday again, so time for Works-in-Progress...

I have four to show you, so let's get on.

First I have two pattern tests I am doing for TheNerdyKnitter on Ravelry.

Chao is the one I have been working on for a while, it also needed the most work pattern-wise. But I am finally nearing its completion:

Left to do are: making eyes and sewing on limbs. I finished the arms. But the legs, technically I finished, but I did the coloring the wrong way round, so I'm doing them again (as you see on the left bottom: one complete, but reversed leg and one in progress that will be right).

The pattern needed a lot of work, but I love making this cutie (apparently it is a game character, but I don't play games, so for me he is just cute!).

The second pattern I am testing is Flopsy the Bunny.

Obviously, it's still missing something... But it will turn out cute as well. This pattern is actually already for sale, on Ravelry, as there is not much wrong with the pattern.

That's it for the pattern tests. Besides these, I have two other projects in the works:

These Lovely Birds:

Of which the crocheting is done, but they need assembly (eyes, felt backsides, a cute beaded loop to hang them up).

Same goes for the last project I wanted to show you:

These guys may look finished, but they are destined to become cupcakes... I am having some trouble with the cupcake-cups, so their assembly is tricky enough. Probably won't finish them before Friday, so you can check them out the Friday after.

That's all for WIPW for this week. Maybe you'd like to read more of my rambling? Please, scroll down to my post on Shipping costs below.
If you'd rather see some of the above projects finished, come back on Friday and you can.
And if you want to read all of this in Dutch, you will find a link to my Dutch blog on the left.

For today, if you haven't had enough of WIPs, please go over to Tami's Amis for more.

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  1. You crochet lots! They are all very cute, I love the last picture the most :D

  2. Lovely projects! Can't wait to see the cupcakes.

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-84/